Frequently Asked Questions

You can see the most basic information about the plasma donation. If you have any further questions, please contact us!

Healty people between the age 18 and 60, whose body weight is between 50 and 140 kilograms.

Furthermore, they must have an official document that certifying a Hungarian address.

Who can't be a plasma donor?

-In case of pregnancy and breastfeeding,
-with piercing, tattoo, new earrings (ear piercing) not older than 4 months,
-after certain vaccinations or while taking certain medicines 
-person under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

ID card, Heath Insurance card (TAJ), Residence card. 

Due to the strict controll system we cannot allowed just the card numbers without the orginal card or a certified copy. 

Alternatives for the cards:
ID card: Driving licence, passport, student card
Health Insurance card: European Health Insurance card or a certificate. 
Residence card: an official document certifying the Hungarian address, e.g. residence permit, dormitory certificate, etc.

Read through to prepare plasma donation. 

The day before the donation:
-Increase the fluid intake (min. 2-3 liters). Drink still water, tea or juices
-Drinking alcohol is not allowed at least 12 hours before the donation
-Eat high-protein food and avoid fatty foods and colored foods (e.g: beetroot, carrot)
-Avoid high-caffeine and energy drinks and diuretic herbal teas.

The day of donation:
-Eat at least 3 hours before the donation
-Very important to drink at least 3 liters! (still water recommended)

After the donation:
-Continue the increased fluid intake
-Don't drink alcohol after the donation
-Don't smoke at least 30 minutes after the donation
-Don't do strenuous physical work or strenuous sports on that day
-Protect the needle puncture site.

You can donate plasma 45 times per 365 days. Of course this is not mandatory. 

However, if the 45 donations take place in a shorter amount of time, unfortunately you will have to take a break until the 365 day expires from your first donation. 

Yes, of course, every time if you have participated in a succesful pheresis. 

The maximum amount of compensation is specified by the law in HUF 4,630 which we supplement with a benefit worth HUF 2,370 to honor your helping intentions.

Thus, we give a benefit worth HUF 7,000 for each successful pheresis, which we pay out after the plasma donation! You can get additional earnings by collecting Plasma Points and taking part in our periodic promotions.

You can donate plasma at the first time! Ask our recepcionist about the conditions.

Yes, it is mandatory to donate whole blood once a year, for which you must provide a certificate to us.

According to Act 439/2015. (XII.28.), Regular plasma donors must donate whole blood once a year. You have 180 days after the first plasma donation to go and donate blood.
If you do not do this, we will not be able to add it to our system for another plasma transfer. Please bring the certificate of complete blood donation with you to your next plasma donation.

You cannot donate plasma for 2 weeks after whole blood donation and you cannot donate blood 2 days after plasma donation.

Yes, but just if we have available capaticity that time. We strongly recommend to book an appointment in advance.

We recommend to book an appointment either online or by phone. If we have available capacity for the pheresis we will do it. Tipically, the late afternoon hours are almost fully booked, so donors without appointment may need to be rejected.
In this case, we are kindly asking you for your understanding!

When you arrive to the center, at recepction (in your booked time) we will check your datas and measure your body temperature, body weight, your blood pressure.
This follows a questionnaire ( health assesment) and then a medical examination and a blood test. The purpose of the latter is to decide if you are suitable for a plasma donor (e.g. there is no exclusionary infection or anemia). Evaluation of the blood sample takes a few minutes.

If everything is found to be okay during the medical test, we will accompany you to a comfortable chair and we insert the needle, which is painless except for a minimal mosquito bite-like puncture.

During the plasmapheresis the pheresis machine centrifuges the blood taken by the anticoagulant and returns the red blood cells back to your body. Plasma donation is painless throughout.

The duration of each plasma donation is approximately 40-50 minutes, which may vary from person to person. The plasmapheresis time is shorter if it is preceded by abundant fluid intake. (Drink minimum 2-3 liters in the days before plasma donation.)

Yes of course. Various illnesses and medications taken regularly are subject to individual medical evaluation, so you will have the opportunity to discuss this at the medical test.

Taking the oral contraceptive will not affect your plasma if you have taken it at least 3 hours earlier, but if you have the opportunity, you should take the medicine after your plasma donation.

Don't drink alcohol at least 12 hours, but preferably 24 hours before plasma donation.

The use of drugs is an exclusion factor from plasma donation!


Source plasma donation is critically important activities that contribute to saving lives. For many with rare diseases, these are the only therapies available to treat these chronic conditions. Your plasma will be used to create therapies that treat a variety of conditions and diseases. Also you will get free health srcreening. 

Plasma is essential for the production of various drugs. Patients with hemorrhage should receive 2-3 plasma medications per week by intravenous injection correctly to avoid serious complications associated with their disease.

Patients with immune defects also have a high need for plasma donors, as many, even for survival, require monthly immunoglobulin supplementation. An essential protein for fighting viruses and bacteria is immunoglobin, which is lower in many people or absolutely absent from the body.

Pharmaceutical production alone is in great need of blood plasma, as there are plenty of drugs that can be made using plasma. Hungary has long been in need of imports in this area, which needs to be changed.

It is also important to mention the need for blood plasma as an ingredient in medicines used to treat burns, bone marrow and organ transplants, or to treat chickenpox.

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